As one would expect with a professional protective security team, all members should have a high level of first aid training, experience and qualifications.

We operate as per the framework of the UK SIA licensing system, all our team members have a minimum of a First Person on Scene (FPOS) Certificate as standard, however, due to their backgrounds, they all have skills, qualifications and experience that far exceeded the minimum requirement, additionally we have experienced Close Protection Officers who also function as Paramedics, EMT''s and Combat Medics.


The value of medical experience / trauma skills within a protective security team or even at individual bodyguard level does not need to be explained, we are passionate about our staff having the right skills and urge anyone considering protective security (even if not choosing us) to check thoroughly the backgrounds and skills of the teams or individuals they are employing, especially with regards to medical training. 

After all, your putting your lives in their hands, it's important that those providing medical care only work within the scope of their knowledge, training, qualifications and within the remits of the law of the country they are operating in. We really pride ourselves on covering all angles in this area, not just mitigation of and treatment for severe trauma but the ability to know what do do should your child choke at dinner, or the administration of first aid after a slip at the pool, little things that make the difference and ensure you receive a high quality of service.


At CPM we’re confident of providing this service at the highest level, our long term industry experience, Military, Police and Medical contacts ensure that we have access to those working at the forefront of first response and primary care, as above we will only employ people who are legally qualified to provide the services required and all staff employed by CPM will be stringently vetted to ensure we only work with the best.


Aside our protective security details being able to provide trauma care and life support we are also  provide specialists for Remote Medical support, Training, and medical specialists on specific tasks dependent on the clients medical needs.

Does your office or place of work wish to train its staff in basic life support? Do you own a business dealing with the public and have worries about incident management in a terror attack?

We stand ready to deploy professionals 24 hours a day who can give you either the advice and training you desire or support you on security taskings worldwide, should you need a high level team of bodyguards in Ibiza, Marbella, Gibraltar or across Spain with medical support do not hesitate to contact us


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