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Working with Chauffeurs

Close protection brings you into contact with many different services all of whom work on your behalf for example, concierge services, hotel staff, personal assistants and nannies, the service you’ll often be working the closest to is that of the chauffeur.

In the early days of the car those who were very wealthy would buy a car and hire their own driver who also had to take on the role of mechanic. The word “chauffeur” is derived from the French, which in this context means "stoker". As the early cars were steam driven the chauffeur would literally act as a stoker. Thankfully a modern-day chauffeur is no longer required to know how to build up a good head of steam just to get a car moving, but that’s not to say the job isn’t still difficult and requiring specialist knowledge and ability!

From a Close Protection point of view, a highly-trained chauffeur is essential to prevent the ruin of a task and there are many problems caused by an un-trained chauffeur which prove frustrating to a close protection professional and potentially dangerous to the client; stopping in the wrong place; parking in such a way that a door cannot easily or safely be opened; not being in the right place at the right time; getting lost; forgetting to put a phone on silent - these are all issues we’ve seen when forced to work with someone who is untrained and unprofessional.

Thankfully the industry is moving forward and clients are more aware, the unprofessional players are pushed out of the market and we see more trained drivers with experience in the close protection industry; drivers with skills and qualifications who take their job seriously. In recent years, there has been a push-back by discerning clients against old-school companies, and coupled with the fact we now live in a world of increasing risk where the frequent targeting of those of high net worth is a reality, this has led to an improvement in the standard of chauffeuring.

At CPM Consulting we’re passionate about a holistic approach to security and the chauffeur is now a full and important part of the protective security team and not simply a “driver” as was often the case in the past. In Marbella, we are pleased to work with the chauffeurs of Prestige Car Transfers. They have consistently shown themselves to be professional and conscientious and they take their role seriously. Most importantly, they work hand in hand with us to provide a slick, secure service to clients. We feel confident that should we encounter a threatening or dangerous situation the chauffeurs of Prestige Car Transfers will know how to react to keep the client safe.

The relationship between CPM Consulting and Prestige Car Transfers comes from our regular meetings and discussions, our past experience of having worked with them and the ability to conduct training in unison - a highly valuable experience!

When a client arrives in Marbella, we want the whole experience to feel efficient and effortless. We don’t want them to know about the hard work going on behind the scenes, nor the planning involved. It is important to us that our clients feel as though everything is seamless from the moment they arrive when they are greeted by a trained Chauffeur and Close Protection Officer and whilst escorted and protected by a watchful security team to their hotel or other accommodation. Our clients will also be cared for by a knowledgeable and excellent front desk team. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients enjoy their stay in Marbella ever sure that they and their family are safe and secure.

As is the case in many industries that rely on the integration of multiple services, co-operation, team work and relationship are key, we have that with Prestige Car transfers and happily recommend their service, even when not working with us! We are simply happy, safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands!

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