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CPM Newsletter October 2017

The CPM website has now moved from it's previous address of to it's new home at this reflects the planned changes to move away from a Marbella-centric feel!

As was always the plan we established CPM in this location to build a brand and a base - A serious security consultancy working from Gibraltar to Marbella along the Costa-Del Sol.

Of course, Marbella is just one area where we provide protective security consultancy services and our new pages reflect that! Below is a summary of some of the new websites additions.

Meet the Team

We know have a CPM Team page, hopefully this goes some way in showcasing the skills and experience that we bring to the table, bodyguards, security consultants from a proven background, Ibiza, London, Marbella or Kabul, we are happy to deploy, plan and protect to keep you and your assets safe.

CPM Red Teaming - Penetration Testing

Whilst we offered this service through the previous site we had not marketed it with vigor until now, preferring to work more on the "bread and butter" security products to build our brand, This is a very specialist area of security, one that is often hard to sell but essential to use, CPM have former SF team members and cyber security experts ready to work hand in had to test your existing security to the limits.

Whether your residence is in Marbella, London or Ibiza we are able to carry out an extremely thorough test of your systems culminating in a remedial actions report and re-test until you have every confidence in the mitigation of risks.

CPM China

CPM recognises the large numbers of clients now traveling between China and Europe for both business and pleasure and China is a place where we have strong ties, a place we ourselves have traveled to and worked in.

We now have in place a partnership with a licensed Chinese security provider who we will be working closely to support Chinese clients into the West and Western Clients moving East! This partnership will be announced soon through the website and social media.

CPM Arabic

We wish to embrace our Arabic speaking clients from all areas of the Islamic world and have moved to create services designed solely for Arab families, we hope this goes someway to reduce any anxiety or fears for those wishing to travel west, from CPM, we look forward to welcoming you!

Barcelona, Ibiza, London

CPM provides security services Worldwide, to ensure the best quality of service we actively work to form specific partnerships in important world locations. With our team and the support of vetted, preferred, professional partners with local knowledge you can be sure of a high standard of support to keep you safe.

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