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Protective Security Services in Barcelona

We love Barcelona at CPM, a bustling city full of interesting history, great food and friendly people, a great World destination that offers an excellent city break or longer visit should you really wish to explore! Unfortunately as with any World city Barcelona faces it's fair share of problems, Recent terror attacks, The violence and civil unrest with regards to Catalan independence, general crime, petty theft and pick-pocketing, the latter of which is rife in certain areas of Barcelona.

With this in mind, one can understand why hiring a bodyguard or protective surveillance team on a visit to Barcelona may be an attractive proposition, thankfully at CPM we monitor the situation in Barcelona constantly and work with local agencies and Protective Security teams so as to be able to provide licensed bodyguards (Escolta Privadas) anytime you require.

We are confident that should you require a visit to Barcelona you will not find a better team than us to guide you safely through your time there.

At CPM Barcelona we can offer the following services:

Barcelona Bodyguards

Barcelona Protective Surveillance

Barcelona Meet and Greet

Barcelona Security consultancy.

Need a Bodyguard in Barcelona? CPM is on stanby for all Protective Security Needs!

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