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Not every terrorist is ISIS - But their Ideology is the primary instigator of hate

This post has been written by CPM operative Mathew Loveless, a security professional with much experience in the areas of protective security and counter terrorism.

ISIS Ideologies remain and impact on some Muslim extremists, but these extremist groups are not driven at every level by ISIS. The structure of the group is in someway mythical in terms of people believing any group or movement involved in terrorist acts against the west must be ISIS. This simply is not the case and the ISIS franchise much like Al-Qaeda's has become a loose label.

ISIS founders adapted the organizational role so the leading element set the conditions for translating Islamic guidelines to support the struggle against non-Muslims and the desire for global Islamification.

The Ideology of the group impacts heavily on the strategy, as the strategy is determined by the willingness of the members and global sympathizers to give everything they posses to achieve its aims. If ISIS can boast members who are willing to go to any measure to achieve the aim they can develop far more advanced and destructive strategies. For example the lorry attack in Nice had been a strategy in the making months before the actual attack. The strategy was there, All it needed was someone to conduct the attack when the conditions made it possible. That person didn't even need to be an active member, it could be anyone disillusioned with life as a Muslim in France, brainwashed by the ideology of ISIS or aggravated by mental health issues.

ISIS will always be the leading element, always following the Ideology to accomplish and design strategic ways and tasks.

Anyone who does not follow and live by this manipulated Ideology is a target and this includes Muslims, who due to the ISIS's interpretations of old Islamic law can justify killings of fellow Muslims.

The tactics of the group can also be developed and justified by the manipulation of the Ideology. The fact anyone including Muslims who do not follow a strict interpretation of Islam are a target, allow the group to use any tactic possible to achieve its aim and justify it lawfully under Islamic law.

As security professionals we educate ourselves constantly in understanding the threat and the ideology behind our enemies, so we can best identify, adapt and overcome, with the aim of keeping our clients safe. Our clients security is a complex task that spans far more than just the physical element.

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