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Dodgy Sales Tactics in Security

Recently here in Marbella my neighbor came to see me, she came as she was worried about a story two Alarm sales people had told her, these salesman had visited from one of the large security companies here in Spain and proceeded to try and scare her into buying an alarm system by telling her burglars are specifically targeting this area, A fairly deplorable way to sell a product that generally sells it's self anyway! Just a few days ago I then received a knock on my door, on answering I find two sales people from another security company (not the same company as had visited my neighbor) They began their pitch with the following opening line.

“Hi, we are from xxxxx Security company and we are here to talk to you about the fact criminals have started to target properties in this area”

“Oh Really!” I said, “do you have a copy of the crime statistics for this location? Can you provide me with some evidence” I then proceeded to ask them multiple questions about where they got their information, what are the Police doing about this, and what is the reason for this sudden spike, naturally they had no answers for my questions, mainly because they are not security professionals but sales people. Sales people with a lack of security background have no place in the security world, it's a serious business, if there is one area where you wish to feel safe it is within your own home, scaring people into buying alarm systems should most certainly set off alarm bells (pun intended) We are certainly not saying you don't need an alarm system, they are a valuable tool in the fight against crime, but what you don't need is a dodgy salesman giving you something you don't need! When considering home security you should entrust it to a professional, someone who has planned security for years, someone who knows what the crime levels are, someone who knows the modos operandi, likes and dislikes of a burglar.

Feel free to give us a call to arrange a visit from an experienced security professional who will do nothing other than check your premises and provide you with a report listing recommendations free of charge.

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