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Kabul is open for business!

Been a busy month for CPM, traveling on behalf of our clients to Barcelona, Dubai and Kabul.

Having been tasked to establish a base in Kabul we’ve been working closely with the team at Silk Road Logistics, a highly motivated young team of I.T. and Telecoms professionals who are at the forefront of the industry, they represent the bright future of Afghanistan and have been invaluable in working with us to see a smooth and prompt start-up operation.

Going forward, we hope to be working with Silk Route more often, they’ve proven themselves to be worthy partners, able to setup secure communications / defensive I.T services, networks, high speed internet and wireless broadband country-wide! They are certainly a company who is now in our “black book” of go to organisations when working in Afghanistan!

Of course, operations in Kabul or anywhere in Afghanistan represents a unique set of challenges, the country is undergoing immense change, mostly for the better, despite the elevated risk compared to operations in the West we firmly believe Kabul is now becoming a very interesting and rewarding place to do business, at CPM we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to allow you to be part of the exciting opportunities Afghanistan represents! Want to do business there? Get in touch!

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