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Keeping your drinks safe in the Costa del Sol

Sadly, like many places in the world Marbella is targeted by those wishing to commit crime, "Spiking" a victims drink with a substance in order to subdue a victim is just one crime among many that people out to enjoy themselves have to contend with.

Criminals can use Ketamine, GHB and Tranquilisers so as to put their targets into a state of semi-consciousness or sleep before raping, attacking or stealing from them.

More commonly thought of as "Date rape" drugs, these drugs are more and more commonly being added to drinks for the purpose of theft.

This crime is not just perpetrated by men attacking women.The drugs are more and more commonly being used by women working with criminal gangs to steal from men.

Feel free to print out and use the attached info-graphic to warn of the dangers.

Most people will instinctively look at it and say "It's obvious!" And Yes, it is! But the fact of the matter is, people are succumbing to this crime on a weekly basis and you can go someway to prevent it by following simple advice!

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