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Low Profile and High Profile Close Protection

If you’re looking for bodyguards in Marbella, the wider Costa Del Sol or Gibraltar, CPM stands ready to provide you with the highest level of protective security service available.

We understand the needs of our clients and work to provide a professional, bespoke bodyguard service which is unrivaled in the region.

Our experience lies in providing security which is able to blend into the background. This is a style of Close Protection most favored by clients due to the lack of attention it brings to them thus allowing them to go about their day to day tasks unhindered and without feeling security is breathing down their neck.

Being too overt is one of the biggest mistakes we see when people use untrained, unskilled, bodyguards - those without a solid security background and proper training. They stick out like a sore thumb in Marbella! Don’t let your security team bring you more attention than you need.

Of course, occasionally and following a proper assessment, there may be a need to use a more overt security service – or preferably a mix of both high and low profile. Below we list some of the general points, advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Low Profile Bodyguards

Suited to those of High Net Worth, not necessarily in the public eye.

Able to blend into the background not creating additional attention.

Don’t distract the client themselves.

A better ability to detect threats before they arise.

Can provide a better surveillance / counter surveillance function.

Don’t act as a visual deterrent to an attacker

High Profile Bodyguards

Suited to high profile clients, those who simply cannot blend in that easily.

Provides a visual deterrent to a would be attacker.

Status Symbol – Some clients use security as an enhancement of reputation.

Easy to identify – An attacker can easily ascertain team strengths and weaknesses.

Reactive Security only, harder for overt security to gather intelligence without being compromised.

Ultimately it’s the clients preference but we prefer to offer a more proactive, professional low profile service, at CP Marbella we’re comfortable moving from one venue to another confident in the knowledge we can fit in with the wider crowd, we dress impeccably, act professionally and won’t let you down by compromising your anonymity.

This is the difference a professional bodyguard team makes, peace of mind without you worrying about their presence, and more importantly without anyone else noticing them!

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