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Nice Attacks

France is once more in the wake of a terrorist attack, at the time of writing 84 lay dead, many more lay injured and the toll of death is expected to rise. Our thoughts today should be firmly with the victims and their family's

This tragedy could happen anywhere, All that's needed is a large vehicle and a crowd, a feature present in most international City's, the question is, what are high threat locations doing about this kind of attack?

In many cases the answer is a resounding "Nothing" Here in Marbella we have the beautiful Golden Mile, in the pictures of the aftermath in Nice, the scenery is almost identical, this action could easily have occurred here.

It's high time the Hotel, Bars, Clubs of Marbella started taking this threat seriously, The threat level in Spain is high, the attacks are getting closer, the warnings are growing louder and yet those responsible for the safety of the public sit back and do nothing.

The beach bars and venues here would rather have unprofessional, unprepared security teams lacking in knowledge, equipment and training - favoring instead security that harks back to 80's Britain.

Security teams that have no real world experience of planning, executing or protecting people in security roles anywhere, instead the bars and clubs here prefer to have security team members that have kick boxing experience! A fat lot of good that will do you when needing to treat someone with a major hemorrhage in the after math of an attack, or even in the planning phase of finding ways to negate one.

As a security professional the security situation here in Marbella is frustrating, I know many a member of the Spanish Police here that feels the same.

It's time for change, it's time to wake up.

Lets not let these people die in vain, lets not let terrorists have it easy.

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