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Technology Megatrends

Technology mega trends break every 15 years or so. Presently, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are creating a huge buzz, the presentation below is conducted by James Mackie, a Leading I.T. industry expert who was the brains behind the award winning cloud company “Vesk”

He outlines the above technologies and some of their potential uses, the question is, how are these technologies going to change the face of the security industry over the next 10 years?

We already see autonomous sentry guns, drones and cameras using artificial intelligence but this is just the beginning, the future of the security world with regards to technology is going to be very interesting indeed. We predict a future without physical manned guarding at all, many of the tasks of a physical security static / residential operator can be taken over by sensors, computing power and machines, in many places CCTV and alarm systems have in fact already done this.

As machines get smarter, are able to read faces, recognise emotions and respond accordingly we may see more roaming sensors that are able to speed around premises and personnel rapidly determining who and who isn't a threat.

Augmented reality glasses linked to AI will of course be able to work to provide the wearer with information on the world around them, imagine a soldier or bodyguard being able to look at a target and see visual information pertaining to their heart rate, blood pressure, facial expression and level of threat.

The AI unit could be feeding information to the wearer about when the threat is about to react, there may be a threat level percentage bar over the targets head when looking at them, perhaps once it's over 90% your legally allowed to engage? These technology’s may rewrite the laws of conflict all together, especially those of legal use of force. Whatever the future holds, it's sure to be interesting, different and disruptive, that's why here at CPM we monitor changes and adapt accordingly to make sure we provide the latest and best to our clients, if you want further information on these areas we strongly recommend following James Mackie on YouTube and reading his blog here

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