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Password Security

Passwords, a complete pain in the backside! Thankfully they are starting to be replaced by options such fingerprint readers, facial / iris images etc. but they won't be completely phased out for a few years yet.

Often IT security managers and those in charge of office policy manage to instigate policies that push you into creating passwords that are easy to crack!

How many times have you seen a policy such as the following:

“The password entered must contain 10 characters, one uppercase, one lower case, one numerical and a special character” What this policy is trying to do is get you to provide something like this – 23J$hci*hd

But this is clearly difficult to remember.... for a human! What you'll probably end up with is something like this – Jonathan1$

The policy almost forces you to create an easily crackable (for a computer) password. Using the minimum criteria you create something easy for you to remember and thus easy for a computer and easier for a human to crack.

It's the same online, thankfully there is an organisation known as FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) who formed in 2013 with the mission to lead the way on creating safer ways to use cryptography and provide protocols for better standards in security

You can read more about the FIDO standards here!

We also found this wonderful TED Talk by the hugely intelligent Lorrie Faith Cranor who explains this whole situation far better than we can! It's worth a watch and hopefully it will spur you to secure yourself further in Marbella and beyond!

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