Over the last decade we have seen a noteable decrease in the standard of static security, much of this we can attribute to the low standards of licencsing across Europe and much of this we can attibute to unscrupulous companies with no real world security experience jumping on the security badwagon to make a quick buck.


Concierge, Property support services, Cleaning companies, Maintenance firms as well as Security companies relying on small profits over large volume contracts have eroded the pay and quality of those employed to a point whereby we are close to a disaster.


Security staff are rarely paid a living wage, they are demoralised, disinterested and poorly trained. How interested do you think they really are in offering a professional service when they spend much of there time worrying about how to pay the bills?


At CPM we are desperately trying to improve this situation, we provide a premium service, that is proudly more expensive that the average provider, this way our standard is simply better, we will walk away from a contract before paying our staff a measly wage.

With the above in mind you may start to see we have a problem, Sure, you may get away with cheap, untrained security for so long, you may be lucky, but you need to be lucky everyday, a professional burglar, an opportunistic thief or worse, a Terrorist only needs to be lucky once.


If you have a building or business that is for public use, a bar, a club, hotel, the people inside are your responsibilty, how confident are you that risks are being mitigated and angles are being covered?


Do you and your staff know what to do if the worst happens? Are your security team conducting regular exercises? Do the security team note anything unusual? Are they trained to detect and deter hostile surveillance?


They dam well should be, both criminals and terrorists alike are more and more likely to be well trained, and without a doubt they are more motivated than someone on minimum wage.

CPM works to conduct surveys, evaluate, train and improve existing security arrangements, or in case of none we will recommend them, our team is comprised of operatives with an undeniable, proven background in high level security consultancy, inclusive of previous members of UK Special Forces trained specifically in methods of covert entry, infiltration, reconnaissance and deceptive tactics.


CPM testing teams work hand in hand with cyber penetration testers to really test your systems to their limits, with much of today's threat coming from a cyber platform this dual approach to testing security systems in an absolute must.


For a determined hacker to have physical access to a system or via a breached access point remotely is a disaster for any organisation, these areas must be explored, probed, problems fixed.

All CPM findings are treated with the confidence, our staff are experienced in the handling sensitive corporate secrets and exercise the utmost discretion, on completion CPM is able to present findings to the board or management, advise on remedial actions and come back for a re-test.

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