Managing Director

James is an former Royal Green Jacket soldier with an interest in all things security.

On leaving the military James moved into the private security sector for 8 years, working in both Afghanistan and Iraq, James has provided consultancy and specialist protective security services for a wide range of entities including Halliburton, Shell, USAID and Chemonics and EUPOL.


Since leaving Iraq / Afghanistan James has worked Europe wide as part of Surveillance teams and in protective security roles for Celebrities, Middle Eastern Royalty, UK Banking organisations and High net-worth individuals, in 2015 he decided to form CPM with the vision of establishing a company that provides a whole security package, Cyber Security, Counter Surveillance and Protective services working in unison to keep clients safe.

James now spends time split between Gibraltar, Marbella, Kabul and London he manages CPM day to day and works on various consultancy and protective security tasks for CPM clients. 


UK Operations Manager

Protective Security Specialist

Matt comes from strong back ground in both the British Army and Private Security. Having spent the majority of his military career in the Reconnaissance platoon, specialising in various close observation roles in N Ireland and the Balkans.


Matt left the military after a successful tour of Iraq conducting reconnaissance operations including psyops within the Basra area of operations, Matt has been consulting within the private security sector globally for the past 10 years. He has managed teams across the Middle East in areas of conflict.


Matt is used to balancing multi stakeholder requirements in complex and sensitive environments, including Afghanistan, Iraq, MENA region and Horn of Africa.

Having built a large network of contacts within life support, security and safety services , Matt has a wealth of knowledge within the security world, that will aid in identifying client’s needs and meeting high expectations.

Matt has recently managed security teams within the Oil and Gas sector, stablization projects, maritime security and diplomatic protection tasks. Matt regularly undertakes security consulting roles globally and is able to meet clients internationally for a full security needs assessment.


Head of Special Projects

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Former member of UK Special Forces and now Responsible for CPM Special Projects, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance for CPM.


Jim began his career in the corporate security industry in 2013 after leaving the British Army where he served with the Parachute Regiment for 4 years before passing selection and spending 11 years with 22 SAS. When he left the military Jim was employed as a security consultant for the Oil and Gas industry and subsequently moved into protective services for ultra high net worth individuals. 

Jim joined CPM in 2015 after moving to Spain to set up home with his young family. He has since become an integral part and highly valued member of our team. His years of experience in advising, training and conducting surveillance operations in various countries across the globe make him the ideal candidate to head up our surveillance and counter surveillance teams. His knowledge and ability in this area ensures our operators are at the top of their game and up to date with the latest tactics, techniques, technology and procedures.

Additionally Jim specialises in security audits, penetration testing and site surveys for major corporate facilities and large scale public events. The Wimbledon tournament and Ferrari Land opening at Port Aventura theme park are two recent examples of where his expertise helped ensure the successful and incident free running of both.

George spent 15 years with UK Special forces as a member of 21 SAS during which time he completed multiple tours of hostile locations on behalf of the UK Government.

A qualified Special Forces Trauma Medic, Demolitions expert and keen Sailor, George has worked World-wide as a  security consultant providing protective security services to celebrities and those of ultra high net-worth.

George Joined CPM in 2016 and acts as the Head of Maritime operations and Yacht Security Consultant on tasks Europe wide.


Maritime Projects, Yacht Security

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