The CPM team have a wealth of experience of security operations within challenging environments, our experience comes from having worked at the highest levels of protective security.

CPM has worked with;

UK and US Government entities - NGO's in Hostile areas - Oil companies -Telecoms companies - International Banks - Royal Family from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates and many executives / individuals of high net worth.

Based in Gibraltar and Marbella we have a unique ability to supply highly professional services Marbella wide, We are proudly not the average security company and offer a premium protective security service.


CPM bodyguards are actually just that, people with a lifetime of protective security experience and skills working to keep you safe.

Do not settle for a cheap, unskilled alternative when visiting Marbella for business or pleasure, need protection? Get in touch.

Professional Marbella Security

Marbella Counter Surveillance


SIA or Escolta Licensed, Ex Military and Police, trained in counter surveillance, first aid and counter terrorism, we've performed at the highest levels of protective security, this professionalism coupled with our Marbella knowledge ensures we are at the top of our game, whether in the Marbella Club, watching the Polo at Sotogrande or simply shopping in Puerto Banus our adaptable security is always ready to assist.


This type of security is perfect for Marbella families and individuals that want minimal intrusion and those that are not instantly recognisable as a target, those who's profile will be raised by overt security, often high net-worth MD's and Bankers favour this type of protection. CPM protective surveillance teams form an ever watchful security bubble, always on hand but out of sight.


The standard of static security in Marbella is poor, CPM is working hard to put the pride and professionalism back, our clients  demand the best and we work hard to give it to them, We are not an off the peg, cheap solution, rather a bespoke, premium security service, our team is our strength and the CPM staff are all the kind of people who strive to deliver, smart, professional , courteous, they're ready to assist,  don't settle for second best if protecting your assets.


Has your existing Marbella security team ever been tested? Sure, they may have the occasional audit or drill but have they had an independent provider purposely test their defenses? CPM can conduct a multi attack approach of both Physical and cyber Penetration testing to test security to it's limits, we work to uncover faults and then more importantly work with your existing provider to close the gaps. Read More here....

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Marbella Security Consultancy

Marbella Security Training

The CPM Difference

Professional VIP Security

Unmatched in Marbella Security Professionalism

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Professional VIP Security

Our Protection officers / Bodyguards aren’t just chosen to fill a shirt; we have years of industry experience, Military or Police backgrounds, formal Close Protection Training, Advanced medical skills and most importantly a client verifiable history of having worked at the highest level in Protective security.

Counter Surveillance - It's an essential skill for any professional protective security officer, We ensure all our officers are well trained in this area and we work with our Marbella clients to operate in such a way as to employ a Counter Surveillance element wherever possible. This skill is vital in the disruption of an attack cycle.

Medically qualified Marbella Bodyguards - As one would expect with a professional protective security team, all members should have a high level of first aid training, experience and qualifications, We operate as per the framework of the UK SIA licensing system, all our team members have a minimum of a First Person on Scene (FPOS) Certificate as standard, however, due to their backgrounds, they all have skills, qualifications and experience that far exceeded the minimum requirement, additionally we have experienced Close Protection Officers who also function as Paramedics, EMT''s and Combat Medics.

Experienced Marbella Bodyguards - Has you existing security got proven experience of having worked in protective security? Ours have! We have the utmost confidence that we have the best people available, do not entrust the safety of your family with a cheap, unskilled provider. Meet our Team here!


We live and breathe Marbella, This is our home, we embrace our competition and work with our local partners, we have great contacts in clubs, bars and restaurants, we know the drivers, the concierge companies and the porters! Additionally we have many contacts in the wider region able to assist at a moments notice.

This area knowledge is vital, for both ensuring your safety and providing you with a high level of service, many of our clients have noted that our better ability to get things done here is vastly better than the concierge they are trusting!

Need to know the best place for Italian food? Repair a watch? Find somewhere quiet, romantic of perhaps the best place for a party? Need a car from Malaga Airport to Marbella?

We know, being based here gives us a huge competitive edge.

Need anything in Marbella? Security, Bodyguards or otherwise, we are happy to assist!


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