London, 10 Million people spread across 1500 square kilometres, 20 million visitors a year, the worlds most visited attractions and some of the most expensive real estate in the World!


With all this going on, Protective security operations in London require a high level of professionalism and planning.


Thankfully the management of CPM are London born and bred, we have a lifetime of experience of living, breathing and working in the capital, we have a level of London situational awareness and ground knowledge that separates us from professionals based outside the City or those not born here


Need security in the Capital? Our trusted, professional team stand ready to assist.

SIA Licensed, Ex Military and Police, trained in counter surveillance, first aid and counter terrorism, we've performed at the highest levels of protective security, this professionalism coupled with our London knowledge ensures we are at the top of our game, whether in a trendy East London pop up or a West London members club our adaptable security is always to adapt and assist.

At CPM both counter surveillance and surveillance

are standard skills for a close protection operative

but sometimes there is a requirement to plan a more in depth operation. Do you or you family have worries about being followed or tracked? Do you wish to investigate something or someone yourself? Working within the boundary of UK law our Ex. UK Gov. Level surveilance operators are on hand to get the results you need.

CPM is putting the pride back into static and residential security, our clients  demand the best and we work hard to give it to them, We are not an off the peg, cheap solution, rather a bespoke, premium security service, our team is our strength and the CPM staff are all the kind of people who strive to deliver, smart, professional , courteous, they're ready to assist,  don't settle for second best if protecting your assets.


A London based client of high net-worth was worried about the standard of security at an expensive West London residence. CPM professionals were tasked to highlight areas of concern, with the permission of the buildings owners the CPM team carried out a physical penetration test,  they were able to bypass defenses and infiltrate the building and some specifically sensitive areas rapidly. CPM produced a full report of faults and worked with the existing provider to recify them.

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CPM were contracted by a Middle Eastern client to provide Protective security for eight members of their family whilst visiting London for their Summer holidays. We were able to deploy a highly professional team of female and male protection operatives at short notice to secure them during their stay.

Our team worked hard to provide 24 hour protection over several weeks and with their knowledge of London were able to plan many days out for the family to enjoy safely. 


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