The CPM Consulting Ltd team have a proven track record of operations in Protective security, Former European Military or Police, we have provided professional security services for Oil organisations, Heads of Banking corporations, The UN, United Kingdom and United States NGO’s, Governments, Individuals of high net worth, and celebrity clients.


We are confident that our service and dedication to protective security is of the highest standard.


As protective security we have two prime goals; Keep you safe and Keep out your way.


We prefer to be seen and not heard, to blend in and not steal the limelight, to remain in the shadows and be ready to react. .


CPM is reactive to events, plans ahead and is there for you when needed, we give you the freedom to go about your life unhindered with confidence of our support.


Are you looking to come to Spain or the United Kingdom soon? Perhaps Gibraltar? Planning a trip to Marbella, Barcelona, Ibiza, London or Madrid? CPM Protective security stands ready to protect you




24 Hour Protection for your 24 Hour life style, CPM

offers high-end security services alert anytime of day.

Forget Hollywood, Trust Professionals

We've all seen the big Hollywood bodyguards, huge in stature, massively overt, cause a stir and draw unwanted attention wherever they go, This is no way to operate. To someone not well trained in the ways of professional protective security these big bodyguards may look the business, but be warned, a professional unit will distract, take down, steal, hack, or abduct rapidly if your team is not trained – Remember... not all Ex-Military are fighting for the right side! Many illegal entities and criminal operations recruit those with a professional background, especially to target those of high net-worth.


So, Don’t settle for fools in this industry and don't employ security to massage your ego, you are, after all entrusting your own, your family's or your businesses security with others.


Use a company that has those with a proven history of Body-guarding, Protective security, Close Protection at a high level -Work with us at CPM and you won’t go wrong!

Meet the CPM Team Here!


Breakfast in London, dinner in Paris? No problem, enjoy it, knowing our protective bubble is keeping you secure.


Securing the hotel, the penthouse or out on the Yacht, no problem for CPM we have your back.


Low Profile protective services, or overt guarding, CPM

adapts to you, the environment and the task.

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