The CPM team have a wealth of experience of operations within challenging environments,  Ex Military with a wide range of skills they have been paramount in the success of multiple operations in the toughest of locations. CPM Team members have a proven track record of performance and within the private hostile environment sector we have worked for UK and US Government, NGO’s, Oil companies, Telecoms companies and International Banks.

Often solely thought of as conflict zones we consider Hostile environments any area deemed highly unsafe, during riots, periods of civil unrest and in locations where there is unusually high crime we are ready to plan, manage and execute operations on your behalf.


CPM provide country threat reports, risk assessments and vulnerability audits to provide you with a package of information pertinent to your operation. At CPM we understand the concerns in setting up somewhere new, our experienced operatives, analysts and local partners are here to make that move easier.


Setting up base somewhere alien to your current domain?, There are legitimate concerns for operations in hostile areas. CPM are able to deploy on your behalf worldwide, we can source staff, setup shop, recruit local partners and ensure a level of comfort and safety prior to your arrival that you cannot get going it alone.


Protective security in hostile areas requires preparation and planning, key to keeping safe is the ability to work with locally sourced personnel and providers. The CPM Team have contacts worldwide, we source and work alongside local partners giving you the best of both and keeping you safe.


CPM were selected to travel to Afghanistan on behalf of a European based Telecoms company, we were chosen due to our high level of expertise in Hostile and challenging environments, especially with regards operations in Afghanistan.


The task saw us work in both Kabul and Panjshir, where we worked hard to establish an office, Working with local partners we were able to source equipment, find a team, rent an office and setup a hardware VPN for our European clients in quick time giving them a competitive edge over the market they were aiming to get a foothold in.


Whilst in Kabul we were also humbled and privileged to witness the work of the Zwan Family Charity whilst they provided flu vaccines for disabled orphans prior to the harsh Afghan winter, we hope to post more on the work of this wonderful organisation and look forward to assisting them in the raising of some much needed funds, you can visit their website on the link below.

Whilst operations in Hostile environments can be frustrating and challenging, they are also highly rewarding, not only from a monetary point of view but from a personal one, being involved with the reconstruction, development and re-establishment of normality in a hostile or post disaster zone can be life changing, watching a country and it’s people get back on it’s feet, a joyful experience.


At CPM we don’t just understand the challenges and manage the risks, we have a deep seated desire for the countries in which we are operating in to succeed, having worked with development agencies, government entities and local partners in many hostile zones we have a broad amount of experience we feel uniquely placed to advise, assist and mentor in any situation that may arise.

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