UK Government level surveillance services deployed Internationally






CPM is in the privileged position of working with the best people in the surveillance business, operatives who have worked extensively at the highest level possible, both from UK special forces and UK intelligence service backgrounds you can be sure they’ll work tirelessly to get the results you need.

We are uniquely placed between Europe and Africa to rapidly deploy across both regions. Additionally, we have many International partners giving us Worldwide coverage and local knowledge in quick time.


Surveillance operations can be time consuming, complex and frustrating, all operations start with a thorough consultation to both ascertain client needs and give realistic expectations of the outcome, we brief on the legal aspects of the operation and an overview of how we will conduct the task.


Below are some typical examples of uses for professional surveillance:


Intelligence gathering


Conflict resolution

Matrimonial disputes

Detection of Insurance fraud

Tracking of goods.

All surveillance is conducted in accordance with local law, and using operatives with vast experience of the area they are operating in, our aim is to produce a highly detailed report that meets the standards of which can be utilised in a court of law.


Are you being watched? Do you suspect you may be the subject of hostile surveillance?

Counter Surveillance is a vital tool for a protective security team. This important function is becoming more and more vital for celebrities, those of high net-worth and anyone at the helm of an important organisation, never has there been a time when corporate espionage or invasion of privacy by the unscrupulous has been more wide spread.


More and more often we see extremely sophisticated operations to steal secrets, photograph people in compromising situations or gather intelligence for a criminal act.


The primary aim of a counter surveillance operation is to detect and prevent those carrying out this type of hostile surveillance, With the evolution of so many technical systems it is often necessary for counter surveillance teams to work very closely with specialists in the world of Cyber-security and technical counter measures.


This area of protective security is both highly complex and ever changing as new methods of surveillance and espionage are employed, at CPM we work with professionals who have worked at the highest level of Counter Surveillance operations with UK Government Intelligence services, you may rest assured, if utilising our services we have the best people on hand to keep you safe.

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