Our protective security professionals are ready to deploy Internationally to provide clients with a range of asset protection services.


Not just manned guarding solutions, but covert transport of high value items, tracking of equipment and specialist consultancy to provide you with risk reports and assessments for you residence or items.


We also provide physical penetration testing of buildings to assess weak points in your security, have your security defenses previously been tested in such a way? Not many have and most are surprised at how easy a professional can gain access to a supposedly safe location.


Wherever you may be, whatever you need to secure, we have an option to suite you.



CPM Consultants have performed security risk assessments for Oil Companies, Banks and Individuals of High Net Worth both in Hostile and Non-Hostile environments.


Working with clients we are able to explore and assess risks to your property, map attack vectors, ascertain problem areas and provide you with a comprehensive report into risks and mitigation methods.


We are able to carry out surveys in the most difficult of environments and pride ourselves in the delivery of a "no stone un-turned" product.


Looking to move high value items to an exhibition or show? Perhaps just a simple transfer of important goods from one location to another?


In addition to the ability to track your goods in real time, We have security experts trained in covert movement services and counter surveillance ready to move them securely.

Whether you need to move goods across a city or the World CPM are able to plan and execute the operation from start to finish giving you the peace of mind to relax, knowing your items are in safe hands

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You have something you want to protect, you have the latest CCTV technology, alarm systems, anti-intrusion systems and perhaps security teams on patrol, but have they been tested? Do you really know how well they stand up to scrutiny? Wouldn’t you feel safer if they were put through their paces?


Specialists in covert entry and intrusion are able to deploy to carry out a test of your existing protective security measures, all findings and remedial solutions are collated and reported back to you so as you may plug the gaps, improve and re-test until all areas functioning optimally. READ MORE>>>>



Specialist residential security teams often work in unison with Protective Security details or form part of a teams responsibilities when a client is in a secure location, trained to a higher standard than a basic security guard this important part of the protective bubble should not be overlooked.

All CPM residential security professionals are vetted, licenced, well presented and trained in First Aid, if you have a requirement for security anywhere in the world contact us today. 



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