The criminal element moved into Cyber crime long ago, it’s a serious enterprise and hostile organisations are employing the best minds they can to find and hack businesses and individuals so as to steal their secrets.


The use of ransomware is also increasing exponentially, this is a particularly nasty type of malware which is able to infect a system and encrypt the data so it cannot be accessed by the intended user, once this has been achieved a ransom demand will be made.


This is bad enough if it’s your personal documents, photos of loved ones or work, but imagine being at sea and your Yacht is infected, this is no joke, there is ransomware designed for this very purpose, attacks are highly successful, once infected there is very little one can do to regain control other than pay the demand.

Are you confident you’re not being targeted or your data is not already being stolen? Have you taken all the precautions you can? The average modern car has over a dozen possible attack vectors, key-less entry systems and wireless controls, all have possible vulnerabilities that form an attack vector map.


How many possible attack points do you think there are across all your devices and infrastructure? Most likely it’s hundreds, one weak point is all that is required for it to fall down.


At CPM we have professionals on standby able to conduct a health check across your devices, they can assess your risks and manage your vulnerabilities, together they will work with you to close the holes that hackers can exploit.


Additionally, we recommend all clients of physical protective security services to consider a Cyber Security function, for those of high net worth, celebrities and high ranking executives this is now paramount, there is little point paying for a team of Close Protection operatives to stand at your side when a hacker can steal your photos and bank details from under their noses whilst your surfing the Hotel Wi-Fi.


CPM is ready to deploy and provide the services below to keep you safe, don’t hesitate in calling us to explore them in further details.


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