CPM is a Spain and UK based, professional security consultancy  with a capability and presence in both Spain and the UK.


We offer a premium security consultancy and bodyguard service of the highest quality and standards.


Our Protection officers / Bodyguards aren’t just chosen to fill a shirt; we have years of industry experience, Military, Special Forces or Police backgrounds, formal Close Protection Training, Advanced medical skills and most importantly a client verifiable history of having worked at the highest level in Protective security.


Don’t settle for second best, if you have a need for protective security, choose a premium product, choose CPM and see the difference for yourself.

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Cyber Security Marbella, London,Ibiza
Cyber Security Marbella, London,Ibiza

Verifiable Protection Officers – Through Licensing and a verifiable work history we are able to deliver the best officers around, the CPM team has operated World Wide at the highest level, unlike others we don’t just say this! We can prove this.

Smart, Professional, Adaptable– You visit the Costa Del Sol or Gibraltar looking your best, you want to visit the best locations and you want to impress, it’s something of a shame if your protective security team doesn’t also look the part. Whether your visiting the beach, the Marbella Club, Dukes of London or a simple outing to a burger bar, here at CPM we adapt, we adapt and dress accordingly to give you the premium service you deserve.


Discreet – We pride ourselves on our level of discretion, not only though our ability to provide covert security teams that allow you to blend in, but our commitment to client confidentiality, additionally, we are the only protective security company in the world allowing Crypto-currencies to be used as a payment method for our services.


Industry Knowledge – We know for a fact that we have the best officers, we know this as we’ve worked in the industry for decades, we know the guys, we know the locations, we know security. Meet some of the CPM Team here!


Medical Skills – Does your current team have medically qualified professionals? Are they even carrying equipment? If not, Why not? A Close protection team should be covering all angles, if they're not running you around with a compliment of trauma equipment for emergency situations then get yourself a new team, you and your family deserve better.


Cyber Security – Cyber Attacks are one of the biggest threats to individuals of high net worth and organisations world wide, we're not only looking at the physical threats on our tasks but also the hidden ones.


Planning – We are meticulous in our approach to your needs, we stand ready to build bespoke risk mitigation solutions so as to make your life as hassle free as possible.


Area Knowledge – We consider ourselves not only Security Professionals but also efficient personal assistants. We know Europe! Whether London, Berlin, Marbella or the further Costa Del Sol our contacts are vast and we have great relations with other local industry partners. We can recommend, assist and plan many aspects of your trip for you.


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